Our Clients Are Saying...

Our Clients Are Saying...

We value our clients' feedback and work primarily by referral.  We are grateful that our clients are pleased with our service, and strive to earn their next referral. Thank you for holding us in such high regard. We hope to continue to exceed your expectations!  

Irene presents offers that win and she did not let us down.  Well before we were ready to buy a house, Irene took time to meet with us to explain her philosophy on home buying.  She listened to us so she could understand our unique situation and what we wanted from a home.  She appreciated that when we found the right home, we needed to win the bid.  And when it came time to buy we had Irene’s full attention.  Irene was well-connected to listing agents, inspectors, and financing so she has the network to go the distance.”

-Bill and Susan, Burlingame

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Irene, from start to finish. She was friendly, honest, experienced, and most importantly knowledgeable! She helped us sell our condo within a week, and was able to negotiate $311,000 above the listing price. While we were looking to buy, she diligently drove us around the areas of her expertise, and when we decided to look elsewhere, she referred another agent, which I thought was very honest and noble of her."

-Allka, San Francisco

"It was a pleasure working with Irene who seemed to have all the answers to our real state questions. Thanks to her hard work and knowledge, we bought our dream house. I would recommend Irene and her support team who made the transaction all so easy and painless. Thank you Irene."

- Vivi, San Mateo

"When we first met with Irene, she offered to drive us around the San Mateo and Belmont neighborhoods so we could get familiarized with the different areas and for her to get an idea of what we liked. She quickly got a sense of what our preferences were which helped immensely in narrowing down the houses that she would recommend and show us. When it came time to put our first bid on a house, her recommendations on how to approach the bidding process and her personalized strategy in delivering the bid were game changing. We had our first bid on our first house on our first try accepted! How often does that happen in this market?!? I would recommend Irene and Alex to anyone looking for a home in a heartbeat. They were so helpful during and even after the whole house buying process. After hearing stories from our frustrated friends struggling to purchase a home in this market with their own real estate agents, we are so grateful to have met Irene and Alex."

- Milan and Connie, San Mateo

“Irene is an excellent real estate agent and I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home in the area. She's extremely knowledgeable about the area, including the different towns and neighborhoods, school districts, and can give you a great pros/cons of each. She tailors her service for what you as a client need rather than forcing you to work within some standard confine. What set her apart from others I've met was that she clearly puts her client and their needs ahead of closing a transaction. She's not transactionally driven like many other real estate agents I've seen and is patient about making sure her client is happy with their decision first. She also comes with a deep professional network that makes home buying a far less painful ordeal for people than it can be.

- David, San Mateo

“Irene was more of a friend than a real estate agent. We clicked as soon as we met and I was impressed by Irene's knowledge of the real estate market, the local bay area housing market, her candor & positive outlook and above all her non-pushy attitude that made me feel empowered to take my own decision. Irene helped me identify the right homes to consider for me and my son in the Foster City area and always gave great feedback¾pros and cons¾of each home that we looked at. Irene was instrumental in helping me buy the second home that I made an offer on. Her offer strategy was methodical and personalized and she made it a point to go and present the offer personally to the seller agent. She has great negotiation skills but she always kept my needs foremost. She was thoughtful and kind during the entire process – searching homes, writing and extending an offer, recommending mortgage brokers, closing- and I felt at ease and confident that I was in good hands. I would definitely recommend Irene to anyone buying a house in the bay area. She is a rock star real estate agent!" 

- Nidhi, Foster City

Irene is the smartest Realtor I know. She was very effective in selling our Belmont home, both in negotiations to get us a high price, and in putting in tremendous time and energy helping us manage the process of getting the home ready for sale. She was willing to jump in and help with anything we needed, from managing contractors to selecting fixtures, making the whole experience much easier for us.”

– Diana and Yoshi, Belmont

"Irene helped us buy our first home in this crazy Bay Area market -- which is no small feat no matter how you look at it! She started by joyfully accepting the challenge to help us despite our very particular needs, specific San Mateo neighborhoods, tight budget, etc.  Throughout the process she helped us to stay positive and not get discouraged -- and I have to admit we were on the brink of leaving the bay area a few times! We kept getting outbid despite our best efforts and Irene's help writing intro letters and presenting offers in-person on our behalf. Needless to say, we finally got an offer accepted and we are so thankful that we had a great agent to help us along the way. Once our offer was accepted she helped us understand the escrow/signing process and even helped us find vendors for all of our home improvement and maintenance needs. Irene is thoughtful, knowledgeable, honest, and hard-working. Another thing that made our experience so seamless what that her partner, Alex, also made himself available at times when Irene couldn't be there to show us a property."

- James and Johanna, San Mateo

"Our working relationship with Alex goes back 10 years, when he worked with us on purchasing our very first condo. When time came to expand, Alex was the first person we reached out to. In this highly competitive Bay Area market, when it seemed that we were always a step behind, Alex told us not to lose hope. Alex's extensive experience in real estate and amazing intuition was the key to us purchasing, what we can honestly say is, the house of our dreams. Once we secured our dream house, we once again turned to Alex and Irene to help us sell our condo. To say the process was smooth is an understatement. Starting with the time Alex and Irene took to walk us through the selling process, overseeing the process of prepping the property for sale and coordinating with vendors, and finally ending with close of sale, Alex and Irene managed every step. We never worried because we knew they worried for us. Alex and Irene are professional, knowledgeable and downright awesome as individual agents and as a team!"

 - Julia and Artem, Foster City

"As our kids grew up, we started looking to move to areas where they could be a part of a community, develop long lasting friendships and benefit from better schools. We had worked with Irene on and off for several years trying to find the right house for our family and a house that we would call home. Irene has been patient with us as we saw house after house, helped us understand the market well and get to the point of comfort when making an offer. Her recommendation of a loan agent worked out very well for us and she was there to negotiate with the sellers in a very competitive situation (20 total offers!). Her work and her team helped us make that house our home. Alex made himself available during the closing process so we could plan and coordinate our move. Very good overall experience."

- Konstantin and Elina, Belmont

"What I remember most from our initial meeting is Irene telling us that "anything is possible".  Seeing what was happening on the market at the time, I was slightly skeptical, to say the least.  But here we are, several months later packing up and eagerly looking forward to moving into our single family home.  Irene was fantastic and was not only knowledgeable about both the area and the market, she was always quick to respond with any questions or requests.  As luck would have it Irene was out of town the weekend we needed to submit our offer.  Alex stepped in seamlessly, and we are certain it was his negotiating that got us the house.  And as for anything being possible, we didn't end up in the area we were primarily targeting...we ended up in the area we never even dreamed we could live in.​"

- Igor and Vicky, San Carlos

"My rent was increasing AGAIN and I knew it was time to explore the possibility of purchasing a home. I didn’t think it would be possible given the high prices and competitive market mid-peninsula. I was proven wrong. Irene came highly recommend from a work colleague, with nothing but glowing reviews; teaming up with Irene was the best decision I made. Irene spent a lot of the upfront time asking me questions to get a good understanding of what I was looking for, and to get to know me as a person. Her knowledge of the area and local neighborhoods was top notch, which helped me tremendously in my search. Irene was patient with all of my first time buyer questions, was able to read my body language when I couldn’t find the right words, explained any and all potential road blocks that came with a few of the homes, and connected me with the right lender and service providers. She effectively managed my expectations, while still keeping me optimistic that I could find what I wanted. I went in thinking this would be a long and drawn out process, taking months to have an offer accepted; with Irene the process was anything but. It took us all of 3 weekends to find my home. I would recommend Irene in a heartbeat and won’t hesitate to use her again for my future home buying needs. Thank you Irene!"

- Corrie, San Mateo

"Irene Weisman provided us with excellent service in both selling our old home, and buying our new home. She was thorough, took her time to explain various concepts, ideas, and other home selling/buying minutiae, offered advice that was honest, and really did a good job of holding our hand through both the intense and very stressful selling and buying processes. On top of that, she extended her father (and partner) Alex Feldman and his years of real estate experience to us, which was a great help in and of itself. They really know the business inside and out, and their knowledge of the local market, agents, trends, and other metrics played a strong role in securing our home when faced off against others bidders. If we should ever dare to embark on another real estate journey we will gladly ask Irene to be our guide. Thank you, Irene!

- Ilya and Karina, Redwood Shores/Belmont

 "Dear Irene, Little did we think this home buying process would be moving so quickly.Thank you so much for your efforts on our part to find a home for our son. We are so glad that Mike Hoyt  gave you our name.You are very good at dotting the I's and crossing the T's. We would certainly recommend you to anyone of our friends."

- Laurie and John Donovan, San Carlos

"Irene helped us find and buy our dream home in San Carlos. The Bay Area is an extremely competitive real estate market, and Irene made sure we were well positioned to make an offer - and win!  - when the time was right. Because of Irene's insight about the area, understanding of the market dynamics, and experience with other agents, we were able to close the deal on our first offer. She is aggressive but thoughtful - equal parts lion and lamb. She even helped us line up great financing. If you are looking to buy a house in the Bay Area, there is no question you want Irene on your team. "

 - Ethan and Elisa, San Carlos

"We highly recommend Irene. She is extremely responsive, has an insider's knowledge of local neighborhoods, and it was clear that she was always thinking of what was in our best interest, as her clients. Because she's able to seize opportunities others may not recognize, I would call her more of a real-estate hacker than a real-estate agent. We were in an extremely competitive market, and she was able to convince a seller to a pre-market sale, which prevented an undoubtedly competitive and stressful bidding situation. She also thoroughly reviewed the sellers' inspection when we received it and did not attempt to gloss over important issues, but rather called out potential problems that we needed to investigate more thoroughly. We wholeheartedly trust Irene and have already recommended her to some of our friends who are looking to buy!"​     

- Adam and Season, San Bruno

"Irene is amazing! Professional, thoughtful, and an incredible resource are only a few words to describe how great Irene is.  She helped us view, evaluate, and finally GET! an investment property at a great price in a great neighborhood.  We will definitely seek out Irene's expertise in the future.  Anybody would be lucky to have her on their side!"

 - Olivia and Terry, Belmont

I am providing an enthusiastic recommendation about my real estate agents Irene Weisman and Alex Feldman. I sold my home after 18 years of living in Belmont. I interviewed several agents to sell my home. Irene and Alex had the best market knowledge and marketing plan. They impressed me with their consistent communication, negotiating skills and understanding of the appraisal process. They worked hard to hold extra open houses and evening previews for agents. They were disciplined and kind. They helped me determine the appropriate professionals to conduct inspections in the scheduled time horizon.  What’s more, in conjunction with listing my home, they always looked out for my best interests and it showed in the final selling price! If you’re ever thinking about selling your home, you should give them a call. They are the only Realtors you will ever need!

 - Diane Williams, Belmont

Hi Irene,I hope these few words can express how thankful we are to Alex for his work. As I said before we miss him already. Thanks to Alex, buying our first home was a very pleasant experience. We have learned enormously from his experience and professionalism as a realtor and always felt very well represented. Particularly, we highly appreciated his availability and readiness when we were ready to make an offer on a property. Alex invaluable advice made it possible for us to acquire the right house and in our budget, in this very competitive, and crazy market. We can highly recommend him without hesitation.

 - Marcela and Jean-Claude, San Francisco 

Overall, we could not have been more satisfied with having Team Alex and Irene as our Realtors.  We are repeat clients, which should say a lot! They are honest, competent, and responsible professionals who go by the old-school practice of doing it yourself if you want it done right. They really went above and beyond expectations to help us close this transaction, down to the very last signature. It took six hours for everything to get straightened out after a major glitch with our lender in L.A., but Alex sat through the entire ordeal with us at the escrow office to make sure every "i" got dotted and every "t" got crossed.  Now that's dedication! They were very patient with our questions and concerns and had a lot of unique insight to share with us and help us with our search. They  negotiated expertly and got a home with a preemptive offer even in this very competitive Buyer’s market!  There is nothing better than the peace of the mind of knowing that you are in good hands.

  - Cheng and Claudia, Los Angeles (Mountain View and San Francisco)    

In an amazingly competitive market, Irene was the key to success for us in buying a home in San Carlos.  Throughout the year that it took us to find our "forever home," she was a true professional and strategic thinker every step of the way.  She understands the seller's and buyer's perspectives, establishes solid, honest relationships with other agents and just generally has a knack for understanding the situation for each listing.  She is a truly professional representative for her clients, maintains open and honest communication, backs off and steps it up when appropriate.  She is also very warm, caring and honestly wants to do right by her clients.   She has a strong sense of the local communities, neighborhoods, schools and other considerations that buyers don't always think about.  She and her partner, Alex, came through for us as a team on more than one occasion, helping to cover simultaneous appointments when scheduling was just not working in our favor.   She has a solid "rolodex" of professionals she can call on for inspections, referrals, renovation work, and quick financing which was key to us being able to move quickly on each listing we pursued.  Due to Irene's strategic nature and understanding of the market, we were able to get into our new home financed, with contingencies, and with no competing bids.  We would recommend her time and time again to anyone looking to buy or sell a property mid-peninsula.

  - Mike and Danielle, San Carlos

Irene was recommended to us by some close friends, so from the start we felt very secure with her. That being said, the level of personalized service and attention that Irene brought to the extremely stressful experience of purchasing our first home always put us at ease. Whether it was recommending service providers, bringing us sushi on our first night in our new home, or acting as a liaison with a difficult tenant, Irene had our backs from start to finish. Entering into the Peninsula real estate market is an intense experience, but Irene and her team, which includes an expert in-house mortgage broker, provided us with the highest level of support and service, easing our minds at every turn.

- Sarah and Tom,  Belmont

After 10 years of “try and fail” on the Bay Area house market we finally met Alex – and won! His professionalism helped us to define what we can afford on this crazy market. His powerful calmness kept us from rush decisions. And when we finally have found our dream house, Alex demonstrated unforgettable “tour de force” in negotiating the price in our favor. I would say, Alex is a 24 karat professional.

    - Kep, San Mateo

"When we decided to purchase a home, we asked Irene to help us because of her depth of knowledge about the community and the local schools . Irene took the time to show us around various neighborhoods, and really got to know our needs and our preferences. Throughout the process, Irene was patient, accessible, and straightforward. She was a fantastic partner, acting as a supportive guide, but letting us drive the process. As a result of her hard work, we were able to purchase and move into our dream house, and even have a good time along the way! I would recommend Irene without reservation to anyone looking to buy a home."

    – Alex and Pamela, San Carlos

"We have worked with Alex Feldman on our recent purchase of a San Francisco condo in a prime location. In today’s competitive market it would have been impossible to buy such a property without Alex’s superior expertise, experience, close attention to detail and meticulous follow-through. Alex and his team are highly professional and dedicated to their clients, and this makes the difference. We would recommend Alex to anyone who is interested in working with a supreme, highly knowledgeable and talented agent, who will always hold your interests above anything else in the business, without any reservation."

 - Vladimir and Galina, San Francisco/Palo Alto 

Dear Irene and Alex,

Mere words are not enough to express our gratitude to both of you for your attention and amazing service, from the first moment, through the entire and not so easy ordeal of house hunting.  Thank you  from the bottom of our hearts, for a seamless home sale, the wonderful purchase, and even more importantly, for helping us make the process as smooth as possibleBelow are a few words that we hope you can post/share...

We were very fortunate to have Irene and Alex both sell our current property and help us find our new house.  We were absolutely blown away with their marketing savvy, their attention to detail and overall take charge attitude during the sale of our house.  The whole experience, from marketing materials, virtual tour on a website, posting listings, to open house and Facebook posts was at a highest level of professionalism and marketing know-how.

They took the time to understand our personal goals, and offered advice and suggestions that got us where we needed to be. They are unbelievably responsive: email/call with any question or request. We always knew that they had our best interest in mind, never pushy in trying to foist their opinion during the sometimes discouraging house hunting process. We did not feel pressured to pay more than we wanted, buy something we didn't want or agree to something we weren't comfortable with. But, once we made up our minds about the house that we liked, Irene and Alex took care of the rest.  

In both the sale and the purchase, they correctly read the other side and suggested an approach which worked out completely in our favor--earning and saving us a pretty nice chunk of cash on both transactions!  Alex and Irene worked tirelessly in this crazy market to first sell our house and then find us the home that we really wanted in the location and at the price that worked.  Irene is one of the most dedicated, attentive, knowledgeable and caring professionals that we have ever met.  Irene even accompanied us to signing the papers at both escrows, the final walk-through's and personally brought us the keys for the new home, along with a very nice card and a bottle of wine! 

Bottom line is: we trusted the team implicitly, we had full confidence in their advice, their instincts and their knowledge of the real estate market.  If you are serious about home buying and want to be represented by the best of the best out there, just go talk to them!  We could not recommend a better team to represent you and your home. 

   - Alla and Leonid, Redwood City

From the first minute we crossed paths with Irene and Alex, they have done everything in their power to make the selling process for our mom very smooth. Their knowledge and expertise of Bayfront Court in Foster City and real estate in general and the way everything was handled was nothing less than professional. They made every single step of the entire process an easy one for our mom. They are certainly two of the nicest individuals we have met and highly recommend them to anyone selling or buying property in the Bay Area. 

– Gary and Debbie DeMera, Foster City

“Several years ago, Alex helped me purchase an investment property in Burlingame. When it came time to sell the home, I returned to Alex’s expertise and guidance. In this case, his daughter Irene had joined the team and the process could not have gone smoother. As expected, Alex was strategic, smart and provided excellent service. But what also really impressed me was the project management in preparing the home and the outstanding marketing of the property. I handed them the keys, and Irene and Alex handled all the aspects to of preparing the home – Cleaning, re-glazing tile, refinishing kitchen cabinets, light remodeling, kitchen flooring, painting, staging – they basically transformed the dated home into something beautiful and modern with great taste and well within my budget. Their marketing was not only well done/high quality, but it targeted the right kinds of potential buyers. They held extended open houses, they solicited previews and showings, and we got multiple offers. When it came time to look at offers, Alex was prepared and offered very sound advice and strong negotiation. When it came time to renegotiate the selling price due to buyer’s inspections, Alex had pushed back hard on the Buyers as needed, while still moving the sale forward.I felt that he really represented my interests. Overall, I have referred Team Alex and Irene to friends and family, and look forward to working with this talented real estate team again!   - Sergey, Burlingame

Dear Irene:

This letter is to let everyone know the superior service I received from you when purchasing a home. I met Irene through a Pilates class just before the holidays, and wisely decided to use her services in finding a home. My home in Hawaii would be offered for sale, shortly, and I wanted to begin my search on the Peninsula.

We looked at one house that needed a lot of work, and would probably sell for more than I was prepared to spend. Then just before Christmas I found a house on Craigslist that seemed like what I wanted. It had not been listed on MLS and we decided to go for it before that happened.

Irene advised, and helped, me to come up with an initial offer. Her knowledge of the market and the operations was invaluable. After the initial offer there were many inspections to be scheduled. Irene knew all the best companies and was available to meet all inspectors with me. After the inspections were completed, Irene pushed hard for a price reduction from the sellers. This in a market where most all homes are sold for over the asking price! Not only did she push hard, but she managed to secure a price reduction, and the house was mine.

Since closing, Irene has bee in contact with me to offer help, guidance, and lists of vendors for repairs needed to the home. She has not only been a wonderful agent, but I feel she has become a friend. I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home. She is kind, patient, graceful, honest, and your closest ally in a difficult situation.

 - Sincerely, Marge Naughton, Redwood City

"Our friends and co-workers recommended Alex, who helped us find our wonderful new home. With Alex we felt that we had someone on our team whom we could trust to represent and guide us in this considerable transaction. In every aspect of the process, Alex was extremely knowledgeable, hard-working, and responsive to our needs. We were most impressed by Alex's level of engagement and communication with us throughout the deal and his effective management of all the players. Alex is a pleasure to work with and without a doubt we recommend him to everyone." 

  - Stephanie and Garrett, San Francisco

“When we got on this home buying roller coaster, we should have known Irene would be our seat belt ! We made several offers, and backed out of one property along the way - Irene always stood by us, advised us, and had a way of helping us consider things we never thought of. In the end she was 100% right.When we finally found a home, Irene suggested a pre-emptive offer literally the second day the home was on the market. She negotiated an excellent price below asking before we had any competition. When the appraisal came in too low, she was able to negotiate the price down to meet the appraisal value, so we didn’t have to come up with any extra funds to make up the difference. When we had some unforeseen trouble with our lender, Irene leveraged her amazing relationships and had us preapproved and ready to go within another bank in 1.5 days, which just barely affected the length of our escrow. When we were in danger of missing our contingency removal deadline, Irene personally drove to the HOA, then expedited and hand delivered the HOA association documents to the listing agent. Overall, we were well taken care of through every step of the way. Irene exceeded our expectations! We have already referred her to our friends and family.”

    - Mila and Igor, Daly City

I was referred to Irene and Alex to sell my mother’s home in San Mateo. The home had been rented for several years and needed updating. Overall Irene and Alex provided very good service – they solicited competing bids for all the work that needed to be done, had good vendors and then managed the process from start to finish. They gave strategic advice and worked daily with their trusted vendors (hardwood floors, baseboards, interior/exterior painting, overall clean-up). The work done on the home was beautiful and their recommendations very strategic on how I could spend the least amount of money but yield the best return/highest price. They did beautiful marketing, and really went above and beyond with several extended open houses, neighbors only open houses, broker tours. They also worked with several family members at the same time to make this decision and were very good with answering questions and really being there for the family. When the offers came in, they were very strategic and explained everything in detail – we ended up going with the most solid offer with the best terms and most likelihood of closing, which was actually not the highest offer. In the end, we had 8 outstanding offers, and the home sold a full 10% over our asking price!

    -  Manuela, San Mateo

 "I bought and sold my first and most recent house under the wise guidance of Alex, and intend to work with him on the next purchase as well. Alex helped me quickly come to a reasonable range of price for my home which significantly reduced my anxiety. I also followed his guidance on deciding on a buyer / offer. He was right in all cases. I wholeheartedly recommend him as great real estate counselor."

    - Marcus, San Mateo

 “We had an excellent experience as first time home buyers, working with Irene. Irene was extremely knowledgeable , spent a long time educating us on the pros and cons of neighborhoods, and negotiated an excellent price for our home. She was diligent in her research; she had good relationships with property inspectors and was a very valued advisor.

Irene was able to secure our home for about $50,000 below the lowest comparable - which in our price range made a huge difference, and gave us the buffer we were looking for. She never backed down in the negotiations and always had our interest in mind, but she was able to do it in a nice way that made the listing agent want to cooperate with her. It was pretty awesome actually! She helped us along the way, and continues to help us through our remodel. Her team of contractors, handymen, roofers, window installers - are all top notch, and we couldn’t be more grateful for her "full service" approach! Thank you”.

    - Marion and Lewis, Redwood City

"In our multiple property transactions, we always felt that Alex and Irene were advocates for our position and best interest. Equally impressive was that they was able to display the utmost integrity, honesty and professionalism. We have recommended them without hesitation."

    - Vlad and Helen, Sunnyvale

 "Alex is an extremely competent Realtor with an excellent knowledge of the current real estate market. His appraisals are impeccable. The price he advised us on was just right to buy the house, which had multiple offers, but not overpay for it. He was also able to provide a constant stream of potential buyers while selling our condo. Alex was always available to help us with our day to day real estate needs including various referrals. It is truly a pleasure to work with him. We would definitely recommend Alex to everyone looking to either buy or sell a home."

    - Luba and Igor, Burlingame

 "We feel very fortunate to have worked with such a thorough and dedicated professional and we would recommend him without reservation to anyone who needs to buy or sell a home. He was consistently reliable, and went above and beyond our expectations. He provided us with excellent guidance, insight, support and follow-up throughout our transactions. We also felt his honesty and integrity are unsurpassed."

    - Gene and Danielle, Foster City

  “Irene is an outstanding Realtor. She never lost patience during our lengthy home search, and provided incredible insight into the properties we look at. She quickly developed great relationships with all the listing agents, and was able to ascertain a great deal of information that was critical in our negotiation process. We cannot say enough great things – we have already recommended her to our parents who are searching in Belmont.”

    - Marjorie and Campbell, Redwood Shores

"Alex and Irene are a dedicated real estate team. It was our pleasure to work with them - and get the best of each one of their talents. Our property was expertly marketed, and we got great exposure and a constant flow of interested parties. This lead to multiple offers, and thoughtful advice on accepting the most solid price/offer. It was great to work with this team, and we look forward to recommending them to our friends and colleagues."

    - Dylan and Corrine, Hillsborough

"Because of Alex's experience, depth of knowledge and stellar reputation, he has a high degree of credibility among his colleagues, community and extended network of professionals. We were highly impressed with how much people wanted to work with him, and by extension, went out of their way to provide us with great service. This without a doubt made the process of selling our home much smoother and less stressful."

    - Alex and Andrea, San Mateo Park

 "Dear Irene, Thank you for all your help. We could not have done it without you. We so appreciated your knowledge, insight, and patience. You were so dedicated to us as buying a home - thank you for always being 2 steps ahead of the market and showing us the right homes that fit our search. It could have been overwhelming but your guidance made it easy. Looking forward to recommending you! Thanks again!"


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